Tuesday, 24 November 2009

'As I walked across the bridge the clouds lined up and Battersea Power worked for a second.'

Full colour glicee print with vinyl text.

Duchamp vs Deep Blue

Previously unknown photograph of Marcel Duchamp playing chess against IBM's super computer known as Deep Blue.

Glicee print

Does Beuys Live?

Melody For Mobius, 2009, by Ruth Francesca Daniels

Artwork made under the pedagogical exercise 'The Crawford Technique', first implemented in
art colleges at the start of 2009. The score alludes
to the inorientable structure of a Mobius Strip.

The Free Studio Beermat (double-sided)

Original design maquette, giclee print on a stolen
Ceal Floyer beermat used in her installation
Stable, 2009.

Kind thanks to The Angel public house, off Shaftesbury Avenue.


Josh Whitaker (l) and Callum Crawford (r),

Co-founders of The Free Studio with the Snowman

The Free Studio Crossword(s)

A pair of crosswords within which every
solution but one is a Semordnilap
, making each
crossword a mirrored version of the other.